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Feeling like some culture sniffing? Then this tour is just for you! We are visiting sights of major significance. A fine combination of local wine tasting, religion, and history. Topped off with a dash of romance.




    1st stop: Agios Georgios – St.George – Castle

    Travel back to medieval times and stroll through the cobblestone streets of the (partially restored) castle of Agios Georgios. Island’s former capital, built by the Byzantine emperors over 800 years ago. The Venetians though, made the castle thrive by building headquarters, churches, schools and homes for the nobles and locals. Built on top of a 320 meters high mountain, the castle formed an ideal lookout against pirates. Check out the spectacular panoramic views!

    2nd stop: Agios Gerasimos Monastery

    Agios Gerasimos (Saint Gerasimos) is the patron saint of Kefalonia. He is the protector of the island, and he is believed to have wondrous abilities to cure people from physical and mental illness. Agios Gerasimos spent his life being a monk and even lived in a self-built cave underneath the monastery too. The saint died in 1597 but his body miraculously survived his death.
    Currently, his body is still preserved in a silver urn in the monastery. We will respectfully pay him a visit, and the brave amongst us may even access the cave…

    3rd stop: Avithos Beach

    (swim stop)

    Today’s swim and relaxation stop will be at the stunning Avithos beach. Avithos is definitely among the best beaches of the south coast. It is a narrow beach with reddish sand and shallow waters. Nice facilities (bar & restaurant) are in close distance for your convenience

    4th stop: Gentilini Winery & Vinyards

    Their five acres of vineyards sit in perfect harmony next to olive groves and fig trees and are surrounded by wild thyme, sage, oregano and almonds. They farm sustainable, avoiding use of weedkillers and pesticides, which respects their staff, their land, their wines, and their guests. All grapes are hand-picked at peak ripeness and that’s just one step towards the excellence in their bottles. Welcome to the relaxed, natural setting of Gentilini’s Garden. Open for tours and tastings and aiming to make your experience very special.

    The benefits of a private tour

    • Your own pace
      Choose your own sights and your own pace. We understand that holidaying is about living in the moment, and we value your quality time. Even last minute -whilst driving- adjustments can be made. After all, we want your tour to be personal. A tailor made, perfect day for you and your company.
    • Door to door service
      We will pick you up and drop you off at places of your own choice. We will not waste your valuable time by riding to other hotels to pick up more visitors. Your tour is private after all. No delays, no queues.

    The Traditional Tour




    4 hours

    What's Included

    – Private transport by our luxury 9-seater van
    – Pick up and drop off anywhere you wish
    – English speaking -happy & friendly- private chauffeur
    – Cold bottled water and soft drinks
    – Required insurances
    – VAT (taxes)

    Whats not included

    – Entrance fee to St. George Castle
    – Wine Tastings or/and tour at Gentilini Winery & Vineyards
    – Personal expenses such as lunch, snacks, coffee etc.