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Best Kefalonian sights


Myrtos Beach

Myrtos competes with the best beaches worldwide. Due to its cleanness and its natural beauty the beach has been awarded and voted the best beach of Greece multiple times. The colours of its waters alter from deep blue to pastel blue and turquoise. Topping off with its dazzling white pebbles, this astonishing beach is a one-of-a-kind beauty. Make sure to take some photos from the viewing points and enjoy the views when descending.

Antisamos Beach

Crystal clear waters when looking down, fifty shades of blue when looking ahead, and an immense green mountainous backdrop behind you. Locals will know: we’re talking Antisamos Beach. Situated close to the harbour of Sami, Antisamos is a well organised beach. Sunbeds and umbrellas are offered, and several restaurants and bars are ready to provide you with lunch, snacks, and drinks. Also, adventurous water sport activities are offered here. Antisamos Beach gained worldwide reputation as filmset for 2001 Hollywood blockbuster movie ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ starring Nicolas Cage and Penélope Cruz.

Fteri Beach

Fteri Beach was unheard of a couple of years ago. One can only get there by boat (water taxi), so it is kind of hidden. And what does that result to? An unspoilt truly beautiful slice of heaven. Agia Kyriaki is the cute little port from where the boat departs. Only 15 minutes later you will find yourself in an oasis of peace. No sunbeds, no beach bars, no merchandise. Just the divine beauty of crystal-clear water and unspoilt nature. Come prepared and bring water and an umbrella, as you will not be able to buy them at this beach.

Petani Beach

A sandy bay with pebbles around the shoreline combined with crystal clear waters. Some will say Petani Beach is like a mini version of Mythos Beach. We disagree. Petani is not comparable and possesses its own unique beauty. Its location is at the west coast of Kefalonia, just north of Lixouri. Therefore, it is the only beach on the island where you can watch the orange sun sinking into the sea. This is where you will watch your perfect Kefalonian sunset.



Fiscardo is the pretty and cosy harbour village on the Northern tip of the island. In 1953 Kefalonia got hit by a destructive earthquake that destroyed almost the entire island. Somehow Fiscardo managed to stay intact. As a result, you will find an unblemished village that breathes the Venetian style as the Venetians ruled Kefalonia for almost 300 years. Nowadays, Fiscardo stands out for its cosmopolitan significance. The harbour village is car free, has narrow streets, picturesque boutiques, and plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy.


In Assos you will feel as if the clock stopped ticking. The tranquillity of this idyllic place is overwhelming. Pastel coloured houses and flower-filled alleys everywhere you look. Like a painting really. The village of Assos is situated on top of a land bridge to its own little peninsula on the west-north coast of Kefalonia. The small village is home to only about one hundred inhabitants. Assos has a small harbour, two pebble beaches and the ruins of a 16th century Venetian fortress.

Agios Georgios – Saint George

Saint George once was the capital of Kefalonia (before Argostoli) The castle was built by the Byzantine emperors over 800 years ago. The Venetians though, made the castle thrive by building headquarters, churches, schools and homes for the nobles and locals. The remains of the castle and the cobblestone streets will take you back to medieval times. The place offers spectacular panoramic views due to its location on top of a 320 meters high mountain.


Melissani Lake

Fairytale Melissani Cave. The cave of the nymphs. This cave is situated just outside Sami and surprisingly, there is a lake inside the cave. The cave’s roof collapsed hundreds of years ago due to an earthquake, and now allows the sunlight to enter the cave. Magic happens when the sunrays touch the lake’s water. A few gondola boats are here to take you on a little tour over the lake. The water colours, the stalactites and the shimmer & shine are mesmerizing.

Drogarati Cave

This centuries old underground cave holds impressive stalactites & stalagmites. Nature took millions of years to grow them and together they form a spectacular scene. A long corridor leads to the biggest chamber of the cave, in which you will find the Royal Balcony. The shape and the unique acoustics inside the cave form a spectacular site for concerts, which took place throughout the past. The cool and moist climate inside the cave, as well as the dimmed golden spotlights contribute to a surreal setting altogether.


Agios Gerasimos

The far most important monastery of the island: Agios Gerasimos Monastery.
Agios Gerasimos is the protector of the island, and he is believed to have wondrous abilities to cure people from physical and mental illness. Agios Gerasimos spent his life being a monk and even lived in a self-built cave underneath the monastery too. The saint died in 1597 but his body miraculously survived his death. Currently, his body is still preserved in a silver urn inside the monastery.

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