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Koul is short for Kouloumpis, our family name. Delighted to meet you! Koul Tours is a small family business run by just us, Georgios & Leandra. We offer -private- tours and transfers on the beautiful island of Kefalonia. For our tours we picked the island’s must-sees, ordered them in a logical route and combined them with hidden ‘locals go-to’ places. All our tours include swim stops at the most stunning beaches. Because what is a full island experience without a refreshing swim in Kefalonia’s turquoise waters? Also, we like to be flexible. Even last minute -whilst driving- adjustments can be made.

After all, we want your tour to be personal. A tailor made, perfect day for you and your company.


We value quality time. Spending time together with our loved ones. Living in the moment.  We also love holidaying! Discovering new places together, sharing special moments and making memories for life. We know the deal. Let us take you to the island’s gems. Have you eaten the traditional food at the best places. And let us provide you the information, history and fun facts that come along with these sights. All at a relaxed pace, laid back. You want to stay longer at a beach? Enjoy ice-cream after lunch at that cosy tavern? Not a problem, we’re flexible that way. That’s what living in the moment means/is about. Are you more the type to love time schedules and to see as much as possible in a day? Don’t worry, we can do that too. After all, you request, and we provide. We feel responsible for your pleasure. No less importantly: we do what we love, and we love what we do.


We value reliability. From this moment on -while you are reading our website- until the moment Georgios brings you back to your accommodation safely. Our reliability expresses itself in many ways. The information on our website is accurate and up to date: what you see is what you get.  Our pricing is fair and we feel you are getting the best bang for your buck!
Now, about our van…
We picked our van carefully, considering all your needs when it comes to comfort and safety.  Our top of the range 9-seater van is stylish, spacious, and well-equipped. Fully air-conditioned and provided with luxury, comfortable seats.
Not least of all: our communication is clear, honest, and fast. We say what we do, and we do what we say.

A Little Of Our Story


“Bright and bubbly” that’s one way to describe your today’s driver. Georgios is an enthusiastic, happy, and easy-going person. Born in Sydney Australia, to Kefalonian parents, he therefore is a native English speaker which makes it easy to communicate. Ever since he was a young child, he would come to Kefalonia and stay for the summer to spend it with family. From the age 15 he would live half year on the island, and half year in Sydney. Going from summer to summer and always work in hospitality and tourism. His employment history goes from Maître D, to cocktail barman, to chauffeur for a car rental company. Oh, and he also helped his father on the vineyards to produce local wine. Relocated in Kefalonia permanently in 2006, Georgios knows the island with his eyes closed. Knowledgeable as the local he is, here to answer all your questions. Ready to make your time on the road together as enjoyable as can be.

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The brains behind it all


When she stepped foot onto Kefalonian soil in 2012 she straight away fell in love with this amazing island. But we get to that part later…
A friendly and caring personality. Leandra was born and raised in Dongen, a small town south of The Netherlands. She studied Facility Management in Breda and Tourism in Thessaloniki. Hospitality minded as she is, her employment history goes from being a waitress to working in a club & event studio. Both behind the bar as well as part of the management team. Working front- and back office in customer support jobs. On the island Leandra has been a tourist representative and a tour guide for the Dutch tourists for five years. Big on planning and communication, she is ready to coordinate your ultimate trip and answer all your questions.


We met each other in 2012, when Leandra first came to Kefalonia to work as a tourist representative. At that time Georgios was working at the airport. He literally brought her plane down on Kefalonian ground. Inseparable ever since. As we continued our love-story and founded our own family, we lived in both Kefalonia and The Netherlands. Autumn 2022 we moved back to the island for good, as we both missed Kefalonia and her beauty. We decided to bundle our knowledge and our love for the island and start up this brand-new business. Did we mention we love to pamper our guests? Filled with pride, enthusiasm, and a willingness to take that extra step, we will present you our beloved Kefalonia.